Care & Wear

Here at Joe & Co we are very passionate about what we produce and care about our products when they leave our premises and on their journey  
This page will give you an insight on how we recommend on how to look after your denim and getting more longevity wear with our years of experience 
Most raw selvedge denim nowadays are sanforized...... SANFORIZED is a process for treating cotton, that reduces the amount of shrinkage than it normally would if it was unsanforized, from around 10% to 5% meaning that you do not have to sit in the bath for hours on end, but retains the colour and structure of the jean and still get the fades you want for longer lasting 
For now, all our denim is sanforized and here I will give you tips on how to wash them properly for longevity 
Once you are happy with your purchase, wear the denim for as long as you feel like until your happy & decide its time for the first wash. Ideally wear them in until you feel the fabric getting softer. Depending on how often you wear them, this can take anything from 4-6 weeks of daily wear or upto 12 weeks if your breaking in more than one pair for its first wash.
Breaking in the denim is fun. The jeans will mold round your frame giving you the unique creasing and fades that no machine or any other process can achieve. This is a fact....Only you can you can achieve this
Here is a pair I am breaking in at the moment. These are our COLLIER 370 13.5oz Japanese Denim from the Nihon Menpu Mill in Japan 
This is the first day of wearing, and you see the creasing starting on the pockets, defining you mold already 
& here is the same selvedge denim fabric after 5 years after wear. Please note that these were worn on a daily basis until the first wash  
     As you can see the fades on this garment are pretty something
This jean was first washed after about 8 weeks of daily use. I turned them in side out, threw them in the machine with a little detergent (powder) and put them on 30d wash cycle for about 30 mins, then spun for 5 minutes to clear excess water. once finished, they were pulled out and stretched flat to clear the creasing from the spin, then hung up to drip dry for about 48 hours, depending on room temp
DO NOT hang them over the radiator, even though they will dry quicker, this will tend to leave crease marks and ruin the look your wanting to achieve. Once they are dry, they will have shrunk by about 1-1.5 inches all over. On your second wear, they will feel quite snug, however, after wearing for a an hour or so, they will stretch back and mold around your frame, to give you the fit you required
There are many forums and websites claiming that to stop them from smelling after long periods of wear, to put them in the freezer, hang them in the airing room, wash them in the sea, wash them after 6 months and so on....... RUBBISH 
Get your first wash out of the way first and the take it from here.......... WASH WHEN DIRTY.. simple. You will still get the amazing fades you require and a longer lasting pair of jeans
Not washing them for months and months after your first wash is not good for the denim, dirt & bacteria forms in the fabric and tends to break down the fibre, meaning that holes start to appear, where croching is inevitable, especially when the jeans are too tight on the thigh or the jean is made from inferior fabric.....There are some well know brands out there having these issues on a regular basis
STRETCH IN YOUR DENIM.......... Dont even go there, we make jeans for men 
 So when purchasing your next pair of denim bare this in mind