The sweatshirt is another staple piece of clothing and is a must for anybodys wardrobe.
Nowadays it comes in many forms of shapes, colours, weights and fabrications, mixed fibres & cotton, however the history of the sweat is quite debatable, depending on what you read and who you speak too 
Some say it was Benjamin Russell & Bernie Russell who developed the garment in the 1920s as they had got frustrated with the uncomfortable wool jerseys worn by the players of the Alabama State University while paying football, and the fact that they were itchy and shrunk far to much after washing, therfore they developed the sweatshirt at there womens & childrens underwear factory which was estsblished in 1902

Then we have the Fienbloom Brothers who in 1919 established the company as the Knickerbocker Knitting Company. In the 1930s it was re named the 'Champion Knitting Mills Company' producing sweatshirts and adopted by the US Military Acadamy for taining exercises and physical education classes

 Here at Joe & Co we pay homage and doff our cap to these 2 iconic brands by producing probably one of the finest heavy duty sweatshirts (in 3 classic colurs.... Dark Navy, Olive Green & Marl Grey) you will have the pleasure of wearing
450 grms of lovliness 100% cotton yarn dyed loopbck fabric, knitted in Leicester  and crafted in the old mill town of Blackburn
Loopback is a description of a particular knit that features loops underside of the fabric and a term given to the fabric commonly used for sweatshirts. The actual name comes from LOOPWHEEL a traditional knitting machine that was historiclly used to knit the fabric and in certain quarters of the indusrty is classed as the creme de la creme of sweatshirt fabric 

Iniitialy the 'V' inserted into the neck of the sweat is a feature where, the knitt will stretch easily over the head and then re-shape itself back into position. Nowadays its just used as a feature of the garement


Our sweatshirts are produced in Limited numbers and not mass produced 

They will be availabe on line or from Altrincham Market from SEPT/ OCT 19 onwards or you can pre order by sending us message on any of our social networks or send an email 

Prices start at £95.00