So, what makes these jeans premium?

So, what makes these jeans premium?
Good question……
There’s no single aspect of a pair of jeans that quantifies them as premium quality. You can’t say it’s the quality of the fabric, or the styling or even the design. It’s more a case of a sum of its tangible parts that combine to produce a quality that you can see and feel.
Now, we're not talking about the type of palaver which you can find with designer denim. No! We mean. Quality, practical and aesthetic features that combine to produce a premium quality jean.
So we thought we’d share with you what goes into constructing Joe & Co Premium Selvedge Jeans!
When you wear a pair of our jeans, I want you to see and feel the quality. I use my 30 years industry experience to produce a jean where every detail has been considered.
First things first…..
Everything starts with the fabric. When I am selecting fabric, I looking at the quality of the yarn, the dying process and how the fabric has been weaved.
Whilst this might all sound all a bit technical! – What I’m looking for is how the fabric will fade overtime, will the indigo dye rub off?because we don’t want you to get that ‘blue rub’ on your favorite boots!
We also consider how the fabric is likely to hang or shape, and we always road-test any new fabrics, before we go into production.
So you can be assured that we have tested every jean that we produce!
Details, Details, Details…….
To produce a quality premium selvedge denim, you should be able to see and feel the quality.
So,the detailing on my jeans is so important because they provide that sense of quality. Most brands, especially those who mass-manufacture overlook detailing. Whereas its our intention to provide detailing and features that are practical and stylish.
Pocket's, Pocket's, Pocket's
Take our pockets for example, we line the back pockets. This is a feature you won’t see on most jeans, especially those that have been mass-manufactured. It's and an important feature, because by lining the pockets they are comfortable and harder wearing, which means they won't go limp or sag over time.
The back pockets also feature the Joe & Co arcuate design. The arcuate or arc as its also referred to is the stitching design you often see on the jeans back pocket. The arcuate was orignally invented by Levis, and whilst no one actually knows the origins of the design (they lost the company records!) The arcuate has been used by brands to brand their jeans.
The Joe & Co arcuate design was inspired by how our jeans are manufacutred. All are jeans are handcrafted in the old northern mills towns that surround Manchester. And its, the rolling hills of these towns and the craftsmanship that inspired the design.
The Joe and Co arcuate features two overlapping chain-stitches which run across the middle of each pocket. The stitches represent the rolling hills of those northern mill towns. We use the chain-stitch to create the arcuate,is because, overtime the stitch will come loose and untangle, when it does it leaves a shadow on the fabric, which is known as a " ghost line silhouette”. This ghost line remains visible which adds to the overall aging characteristics of our jeans.
Joe & Co Arcuate Design
When we design the front pockets of our jeans we consider both the practical and aesthetic requirements. From the practical perspective, we use only high grade material to line the pockets. Because, let’s face it nobody wants a bust pocket hole on their favorite jeans!
From an aesthetic design perspective, I incorporate the inspiration for collection into the pocket bag design. As you can see from the photos below, we created red and blue pocket bags as a nod to the fact that the jeans are made here in the UK.
Joe & Co Pocket Bags
And we don’t stop there with our pockets….
Most will know the origins of the small pocket. We know all about how the cowboys used it small pocket on their jeans for their watch. We have accepted the small waist pocket as being an integral part of the modern jean design.
What we don’t get at Joe & Co, is why not make it functional and stylish?
So we’ve resized the design of the money pocket, to make it functional and useful!
And sometimes we’ll even go a stage further with the money pocket design.When we are creating a limited edition small batch runs of denim, I will incorporate a design feature that celebrates the inspiration.
For example, for our hand crafted in Lancashire we have added an embroidered Lancashire Rose to the pocket, which is designed to celebrate the fact the jeans were handcrafted here in UK.
Lancashire Denim Collection
Stitched Up
We’re not what you might call denim aficionado’s, were more what you might call everyman denim heads!
But we do have a couple of hard rules on what’s acceptable when constructing selvedge jeans. And, one of those our rules is the use of chain-stitching. We favor the use of the chain-stitch, over the lock stitching, because the nature of chain-stitch means it gives the most authentic fades. Whilst the lock stitch is arguably more durable, the chain-stitch creates a roping (twisting of the hem) which creates small diagonal fades around the hem.
When you consider that most wear their selvedge with a turn up, the addition of the chain-stitch hem adds to the characteristic of the hem.
We also use a range of various other stitching techniques to bring stylish and practical features to our jeans. We use contrasting colored thread on certain aspects of the internal construction of jean, not only does this provide a stylish feature we also like to think that it highlights the handmade craftsmanship of our jeans.
Joe & Co Contrasting Stitch Design
All the inner seams of our jeans are run and felled, which gives the jeans a cleaner finish on the inside, no nasty over-locking threads that you tend to find on mass produced jeans.
As a brand one of our key influences has always been authentic original workwear. Workwear appeals because its practical, stylish and it transcends trends. The use of hard-wearing practical textiles found in workwear such as denim and Leather has long been an inspiration for Joe & Co. So much so, that I have used leather button washer to provide practical and stylish features to our denim.
Joe & Co Workwear Leather Detailing
So the Joe & Co jean is all about creating the quality you can see and feel, and the hardware we add compliments that experience…. We use branded antique brass and gun metal donut buttons.

Finally, there’s one more important factor to consider when it comes to buying your selvedge denim, and that’s which style would suit me best.
I will use my experience to help you find the best fit and style for your needs.