Cometh the hour, cometh the Cagoule!

Ah the Cagoule 

From its military origins, and those primary-colored “pack a mac” a feature of many a 70’s family day trips.To the 90’s Brit Pop revival and its status as a favorite smoother of the style-conscious.

The Cagoule has established it’s self as an essential piece of the modern-day wardrobe!

And it's definitely a favorite of ours. We love its practical and aesthetic design as well as its English heritage.

Whilst the word Cagoule is French in origin. The Cagoule design was patented in 1954 by Royal Marine Noel Bibby. In 1960 Bibby created the Peter Storm brand and started selling his design in traditional camping stores. The original design was an oversized cape, designed to cover the wearer and a backpack. The design was later streamlined and was shorter in length.



During the 80’s the Peter Storm Cagoule became part of the English Football Casuals look. So like tennis and golf wear and the 80's ski-wear which became part of the UK Breakdance scene. And the 90's camo combat's trend. The Cagoule can take its place in the history of subculture fashion trends. 

These rare phenomenon’s in fashion trends prompted “off-piste” shopping excursions.  B Boys and Girls were heading off to C & A (the original fast fashion store) to grab their neon Salopettes. And Casuals were snaffling their gear from Camping stores and traditional sports shops. Likewise, the 90's Camo trend required rooting around local Army and Navy Stores.

So why has the Cagoule evolved to become an essential part of the style-conscious wardrobe?

Its longevity is a testament to the principles of "good design", and good design is everlasting. So when it comes to creating the Joe and Co Cagoule we stay true to the original design and try to enhance it.

To enhance the aesthetic feature we’ve sourced a British waxed cotton fabric. The wax gives the fabric real character and it will cultivate a great patina as it ages. The fabric mill is from the north of England, and are renowned for their aesthetic fabrics for outdoor applications.

There are three color options, a stunning vibrant yellow and two in more autumnal shades. A dark navy and we're still arguing about whether the other one is a biscuit or caramel color?  (we'll let you decided).



We’ve also added a couple of extra practical features. Satin lined sleeves, so it sits better when wearing other layers and it makes it easier to take off over the head. We've added a rear back pocket, so along with the ample breast pocket, you'll have more than enough room for your stuff!   It's water-repellent as well, so you'll be sorted for storage and staying dry when out and about.

And as with all "good design," we've thought about sustainability. The contrasting buttons  are Eco-friendly made from corozo or tagua (Ta-goo-ah) palm tree. The tree's seeds (a waste product) are compressed to make a durable and characterful button.


So no matter the occasion, the Cagoule will always have your back (pun intended).


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