British Woven Selvedge Denim

As Joe & Co® work with the finest of British Mills and Manufacturers, I have hooked up with our good friend Chris Hewitt from Hewitts Heritage fabrics in Lancashire and had a pleasure of a tour at the mill where he produces the finest of British Woven Raw Selvedge that I am using for our next batch of Mens & Ladies jeans. These are woven on one of 2, old 1950s Northrop Shuttle Loom in the foot hills of Colne in Lancashire & crafted in the old mill town of Blackburn 

These are truly the finest of British manufacturing made with passion and you will have the most amazing journey breaking these beauties in, wether your man or woman, young or old   

The Ladies EMMELINE white raw selvedge denim

The attenton to detail is like no other, with fully lined back pockets, felled seams, leather donut washers behind all the fly buttons to name a few 


Joe & Co® are bringing back proper British Manufacturing, just like it used to be in days gone by, where quality was paramount 

All my denims are prouduced in batches of 50 and no more than100 per fabric per fit, nothing touches it for qualty, sustainability, attention to detail and point of difference

This is about supporting the local economy and keeping people in work, a roof over their heads and food on the table, by producing high end quality products, that are made to last,especiallly when we have Breixit looming, and giving you opportunity to have a peice of home grown history, that you will have the most pleasure of wearing for a long time, instead of all that of all that cheap mass produced garbage that lands on our shores, not just from the 3rd world countries, but where corporate greed follows the poverty trail for a higher margin


 so come and treat to yourselves, you more than deserve it